Selge Trekking St.Paul Walking Route

Nature hiking activities are ideal to get out of city life and to get a breath of fresh air. Our nature hiking activities begin at the ancient city of Selge, founded in the 5th century B.C. and one of the most important cities of the Pisidia region.

You get to the ancient city of Selge, sheltered at the foot of the Taurus mountains at an elevation of 1250 meters, through narrow and steep paths. While you head towards Selge, you will be able to see ancient Roman bridges, aqueducts, and the rapids of the Koprucay River, and as you go higher, you’ll have an incredible, breathtaking view of the canyons, the forested valleys and the Taurus mountains. Beginning at the Zerk village, the hike will pass the ancient city theater, agora and cisterns, and then continue past strange rock formations named by the locals as Man-Rocks. This hike, filled with history, nature and adventure will satisfy all hikers both physically and spiritually.