Our nature sports camp takes place in Antalya’s Koprulu Canyon National Park and is situated on a 5,000 square meter piece of land. The Koprulu Canyon National Park is 36,000 hectares and includes the ancient city of Selge, a natural wonder. The National Park also is home to the largest pure Mediterranean cypress forest in the Middle East and Mediterranean region.

The region’s natural and geological framework makes it possible to carry out many different outdoor sports. Because of this advantageous situation, our guests are able to participate in our combo tours, which combine several activities that take place in the same region into one. Our operational and administrative office for our one-day excursions as well as our multi-day activities is here as well. Our camp has a 400 person capacity restaurant, a climbing park, a spacious parking lot, showers / wc's, dressing rooms, resting pavilions, a basketball court, and wireless Internet. Though each rafting company begins its tour at the same start point, they all end somewhere different. Their tours can range anywhere from between 10 and 14 kilometers in length. Since the Novaraft's facility is located as the last camp on the rafting course, it also offers its guests the longest tours.