Since Rafting is a nature activity, it can be risky if done without proper training just like any of the other nature sports. Unfortunately, there are many illegal and uncertified tour initiatives in our region. We recommend that people think twice before they trust people that offer them a low price.

In Turkey, legal rafting can only be organized by companies that have been given necessary permission by the governorship and that has been approved by the Ministry of Tourism. If you haven’t ever rafted in Antalya before and you don’t have anyone who has that would be able to recommend a company to you, then you most likely have been researching it online, and the dozens of websites that you will see on the Internet will most likely confuse you. That’s normal as most of them have just copied and pasted from other sites and thus do not give correct information. Please make sure to make a tour reservation with legal companies that have the necessary paperwork from the relevant authorities so that you do not risk yourselves or your loved ones and ruin your vacation. We openly present all of our certifications here.