Koprulu Canyon Rafting

The Koprulu Canyon, which was declared a national park in 1973, covers 36, 000 hectares of land. The canyon that the Koprucay River has cut between the Bolasan Village and Beskonak Village is 14 km long and 100 m deep being one of Turkey’s longest canyons. The National Park has various different natural ecosystems as a result of its various elevations and a range of local climate conditions. It also has a rich flora, including valuable endemic plants only located in the region. Along with its natural beauty, its location near such touristic places as Antalya, Belek, Manavgat, and Alanya make the national park one of Turkey’s most popular rafting locations.

We want to touch on and clarify one common question we here from our guests who are about to go rafting in Antalya for the first time and a topic that often confuses people. Rafting in Antalya can only be done on the Koprucay River which flows through the Koprulu Canyon National Park. Such names as Manavgat rafting, Koprulu rafting, Beskonak rafting, Koprucay rafting and Karabuk rafting have only adopted a name from a location in the vicinity along the 14 km long rafting course between the Oluk bridge and the Karabuk bridge. Other than this, rafting is not done anywhere else in Antalya and its environs. Of course, necessary permissions need to be acquired from the governorship to be able to do rafting legally and these are only given for the aforementioned rafting course.