River Kayaking Fun For Couples

One of the most exciting activities of the many outdoor adventure activities done in the Koprulu Canyon National Park is river kayaking. Just like the rafts, the river kayaks are self-bailing inflatable boats. The biggest difference between the kayaks and the other types of boats is their size. Rafts have an 8-10 person capacity whereas kayaks have only been designed for 2 people. In other words, they are very light and easier to maneuver. Along with this, there is no guide in the kayaks directing it, as there are in the rafts. Participants have full control over their kayaks. Of course, this situation doesn’t mean that the participants are required to have some experience with river kayaks. Our guides will give our guests all necessary information prior to the tour, and they will make sure that all kayakers are safe and secure for the duration of the tour. While larger capacity rafts are more appropriate for large groups of friends and families, river kayaks are more ideal for others, especially young couples.

Unlike other companies in the Koprulu Canyon, guests of Novaraft do not pay extra for river kayaking. Participants only need to let their guide know of their desire to do river kayaking the day of the tour; however, all participants must know how to swim to be able to participate in river kayaking. Also, if the water is too high or if the river is flowing too fast or irregularly, the river kayaking activity may be canceled even if it had been scheduled.